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Almighty Father, in these dark times when evil is rampant throughout the world, you have called us, chosen us, and appointed us to rise in defense of your work. We are your missionary families, commissioned to defend faith, family and life.

Lord Jesus, you are the Rock upon which our families, our community and our Church are founded. With you as cornerstone, help us to be built as living stones into a spiritual house, holy and acceptable. Build this house to withstand the floods and winds of adversity that assault us each day.

Holy Spirit, send us forth as your holy warriors, with clarity of vision and zeal for mission. Empower us in the proclamation of the gospel of salvation in Jesus, and help us in defending our Church against the forces that seek to weaken her.

Mama Mary, teach us the way of kindness and mercy, unite us as your beloved children, and keep us in your loving embrace always.


Bro. Frank with Pope Francis

At his meeting with Pope Francis on October 25, 2013, Bro Frank presented his new book to the Pope

Bro. Frank with Pope Benedict XVI

Frank and Gerry Padilla present the books "Servant Leadership" and "Stories from Prison" to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, on February 09, 2010, at the Vatican


O Blessed Virgin Mary, you with your Son Jesus crushed the head of the serpent. In the spiritual war that continues to rage in the heavens and on earth, you have already won the victory. Your holy warriors stand before you, dear Mother Mary. We consecrate ourselves to the cause of your Son Jesus, the Redeemer of the world, and to you as his Co-Redemptrix. We dedicate ourselves to the task of winning souls for the Kingdom. We commit to do battle against all evil forces. Cover us with your mantle of protection as you send us forth under your banner. Amen.

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Missionary Families of Christ Singles (MFC Singles)

 A Catholic young adult ministry, which caters to single men and women between 21 to 39 years old. Accompanying singles in discovering their life direction and responding to their vocation. Bringing the cause of Christ to where the singles are.




We are an evangelistic and missionary community, committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.



Bringing Christ to where the Singles are.


MFC Singles is a Catholic Ministry where single men and women would experience Jesus Christ, know their state of life, be effective and efficient in their workplace, a strong witness of God’s love and faithfulness in their family, peers, and community, where everyone would experience true brotherhood and sisterhood having God at the center of it. 


  • MFC Singles will provide the best young professional in the workplace, carrying a strong drive for excellence having and carrying the teaching of Christ as the very foundation of it.

  • MFC Singles will provide the best support group, where every single men and women would be guided in their state of life.

  • MFC Singles will be a ministry where young professional would develop further their God given skills, through the different activities, conferences and teachings.

  • MFC Singles will be active in defending the cause of Life, giving reforms and fighting injustices in the society.

  • MFC Singles will be a beacon of hope for those who are helpless, hopeless and experiencing spiritual dryness.

  • MFC Singles will be the much sought after ministry for single men and women who longs to experience the goodness, greatness and majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Core Values

  • Centered on Christ

  • Evangelistic and Missionary

  • Focused on Family

  • Being a Community

  • Living a preferential option for the poor

  • Exercising Servant Leadership

  • Being a Servant to the Church


  • Honor God through Holiness of Life (WORSHIP)

  • Empower Men and Women to Witness God's Love and Faithfulness (DISCIPLESHIP)

  • Act out God-given Skills and Talents in the service of others (MINISTRY)

  • Relate with Excellence in all Areas of Life through Meaningful Fellowship (FELLOWSHIP)

  • Testify God's Love by allowing them to be used as His instruments (EVANGELISM)

The Life and Culture of MFC Singles


We nurture our personal relationship with the Lord through personal prayer time and charismatic worship as a community.



We are all called to discipleship in accordance to how God calls each one uniquely. In MFC Singles, opportunities for service are provided such as giving talks, leading a household, serving in the parish, ministering in the prisons, teaching catechism to children as well as other ways to lead to the restoration of life as a whole.



Our spiritual formation is continuous through our regular teachings and activities about God's promises and plan, Scripture as well as our veneration to our Blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor.

We also have an annual Canada Singles Congress wherein MFC Single members from all over the Canada gather in one place and be nourished by God's message to the community for the year.



We are witnesses of God's love and faithfulness by the way we live our lives. We hope that others will come to know God's saving power and, through our example, be led to know and love Him more.

As an evangelistic community, we also go on mission trips to spread God's message of love and hope to other places within and outside of the country.



We relate with each other in brotherhood and sisterhood. After the CLS, the Singles are divided into household (cell) groups composed of 5-7 members each. This household meets at least twice a month in prayer, personal sharing and sometimes just having fun together.



MFC Singles Entry Point

The Singles candidate attends a 6-week Christian Life Seminar (CLS) after which they receive support through regular Household (cell group) Meetings, Prayer Assemblies and fellowship with other brothers and sisters.

Three months later, the candidate will go through the Covenant Recollection for an even deeper growth in their relationship with God and for a better understanding of their commitment to God as a community. At this point, the Singles candidate will decide whether he or she desires to enter into this covenant to be a community member of MFC Singles.



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